New tango dance music
We are Gerard van Duinen (bandoneon) and Mirek Walton (guitar) and we join together in a fiery tango duo: rhythmical, innovative and passionate. The inspiration for our compositions comes from Argentine tango: danceable, articulated and lively.

Our site
On our site you will find the various line-ups of Walton/Van Duinen: duo, trio and quintet, plus a combination with the singer Guillermo Rozenthuler. And, of course, you can listen to our music and watch videos of our performances.

Get involved!
If you like what you see and hear, you can easily get involved! Stay up to date with our newsletter and like Walton/Van Duinen on Facebook. Better yet: come and listen to one of our concerts!
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We like to offer you a recording of one of our compositions. It's free!