Unique line-up
The Walton/Van Duinen Quintet has a unique line-up: bandoneon, saxophone, (bass) clarinet, guitar and double bass. With two wind instruments we have a rich palette of musical colors at our disposal. It makes for a combination of the sharpness of tango and the relaxed freedom of jazz. A concert of the quintet is an adventurous trip through various extremes: passionate melodies, jazzy harmonies, swinging grooves and intimate moments.

The quintet can surprise and delight. The warm intense sound can suddenly go into a heavy swing. Touching moments can alternate with musical jokes and relaxation. The sound of the clarinet and saxophone can perfectly blend with the bandoneon or start a fight with the guitar.

The main part of the repertoire consists of original Walton/Van Duinen compositions. On top of that we play some highlights from the work of Astor Piazzolla. And every now an then we test how a jazz-standard works out in this line-up. The Walton/Van Duinen Quintet is at home in concert halls, but can also play for dancers.
Het Walton/van Duinen kwintet is

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