Tango moves
Good tango moves you. Melancholy touches your heart and you feel the contagious rhythms in your whole body. You can stand up and dance, or lean back and enjoy.

Free download every month!
Our mission: to seduce tango dancers to try something new. We share our music by offering a new, danceable, self-composed song every month. Each month hundreds of people from all over the world download our music. Even more listen to it!

Is there enough live music for tango dancers? We don’t think so. And we are doing something about it. A #milongacrash is a short unannounced performance at a tango venue. We drop in unexpected and offer the DJ a short break.
When we are in the neighborhood, there’s a real chance a #milongacrash can happen. Want a hint about when and where? Follow us on Facebook or Twitter!

Danceable insights
A #milongacrash is a perfect opportunity to learn from dancers. Does our music inspire you? Which songs did you most enjoy dancing to? And which did you enjoy less? By asking these questions over the past few years we have learned a lot about danceable tango..
Tight swinging grooves, sharp contrasts, a clear musical narrative, those are just three things that can seduce tango dancers to lose themselves in music.
With insights like those we keep renewing our music.

Walton/Van Duinen invented itself in the midst of dancers. Amazingly the same Argentine milonga-feeling comes to life in a very intense way in concert halls. Many people appreciate the pure energy of tango. Even if we still enjoy playing the most when at least one couple is dancing...